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Love it or loath it; Social Media has become a place for people to chat, interact and share their experiences with a larger network of friends than was ever possible before. The beauty of social media is the way it uses technology to tell your friends about what you are doing without having to repeat it over and over to people on a one-on-one basis as it used to be. In this increasingly time pressured society, many people have adopted social media as THE way to find out about them and what they are doing. Some might say that this has watered down the importance of close, one-on-one friendships in exchange for a faceless stream of updates and comments about what we are all doing in our lives. One thing is for certain though, millions of people across the world have adopted platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to make their lives easier and communicate with their friends en-masse.

The great thing about social media for businesses, is that never before has there been such an easy way to get public opinion on a subject or industry. The old way to test a market or find out what was going on was to do a survey which took resources in terms of time and money. The social media space has changed much of that and if you know where to look, the chances are that conversations are happening right now which revolve around your industry or target markets. The key is knowing how to tap into those conversations.

Tools such as those provided by help to find those conversations for you. As well as being able to track your own brand or company, Socialerter allows you to enter more general industry keywords and receive alerts on conversations and comments that are being posted in the public social space. For anyone involved in marketing, this is an invaluable resource for not only viewing what is being said but the chance to enter the conversation (in a polite manner of course) and ask for feedback or opinion on certain aspects of an industry. This can help shape future development, market angles or product offerings.

Be social... Be aware!

Joel Caws
Webmaster of

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