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The meteoric rise of social media through sites like Twitter and Facebook have created a dilemma for many businesses. Never before has there been such an ease of broadcasting rights for members of the general public. If you give bad customer service, you can be sure it will be voiced loudly and publicly online through your customers favourite social media channel, potentially damaging your brand and business. No longer do you get to broadcast your marketing messages to a silent crowd who have no way to answer back. Now they have a way to answer, and they most likely will!

On the flip side, social media can be a tool for satisfied customers to tell about the quality of service you provided to them. Basically it's a double edged sword.

One thing is for certain: taking the ostrich approach and burying your head in the sand won't make social media conversations go away. Your potential customers will carry on talking and sharing their experiences with each other online, making decisions about which companies to use and which to avoid based on the trusted opinions of their friends and network. In these days of easy and public opinion broadcast, being transparent is the only way to do business; there is no longer any place to hide.

Although this scenario might scare the wits out of many business owners, it's actually a positive thing for business and customer service in general; pushing companies to provide a better service and listen to their customers like they never have needed to before. Those that do listen, interact and respond will be one step ahead of thair competitors.

The further dilemma is that, given all the different platforms and social networks available, how can you best listen in to what people are saying? In addition, you might also find that many general messages and comments are made about your brand, products or services which do not necessarily warrant a reply. What about if you were alerted to only particularly negative comments enabling you to respond and resolve issues before they escalate? Imagine if you were alerted to only positive comments giving you a chance to respond with a 'thanks' that will surprise your customer and let them know you are listening and appreciate them spreading the good news.

At, our Social-O-Meter* alerts premium members whenever their choice of negative or positive comments are detected. Don't stay in the dark - find out today how Socialerter can transform your interaction with your customers, helping you to respond and interact and build a customer following.

Be social... Be aware!

Joel Caws
Webmaster of

*Social-O-Meter is a feature available in our Premium Membership.