Although every effort has been made to make this site easy to use, its inevitable that questions arise from time to time and this page answers some of the most frequently asked questions we have received.

Q. How do I cancel my Premium Membership?

A. You can cancel your Premium Membership at any time by ending your Paypal subscription. There is an 'Unsubscribe' button on your Account Details page when logged in to your account. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe via your Paypal account directly by doing the following:-

  • Login to your Paypal account
  • Go to 'Profile' > 'My Money'
  • Look down the left to find 'My pre-approved payments' and click the 'Update' link on the far right.
  • Look for 'Socialerter.com' in the Merchant column and click on the link.
  • Click 'Cancel' under the Status and click 'Yes' to confirm.
  • No further payments will be made.

Q. How do I change an alert URL/Keyword/Phrase?

A. Once saved, the URL/Keyword/Phrase cannot be changed since it is intrinsically linked to any alert history that is created. If you make a mistake and wish to change a URL/Keyword/Phrase use the 'Delete' link at the top right of the edit page and then create a new alert with the correct URL/Keyword/Phrase. NOTE: Any history linked to the deleted alert will be irretrievably lost.

Q. How long is the alert data available for?

A. Alert data is removed after it is 3 months old. If you wish to archive your alert data then we recommend premium membership which allows you to export all your alert data to a CSV file.

Q. What platforms do you track?

A. Currently we track content on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Digg
  • Disqus

Only comments that are visible in the public domain can be searched - this is down to the privacy controls enforced by the platforms themselves. We are adding to the list of platforms almost daily in our mission to build up a more comprehensive picture of what is being said online about your brand or any keywords you choose to track. To see a more detailed description of how our search of each network type works click here.

Q. Why when I click on a Disqus alert link do I not see any comment containing my keyword? Is the alert wrong?

A. Alerts are only triggered because your keyword was detected. There are 2 reasons why you may not see your keyword straight away. The first is that if the comments are fast moving it may have moved onto another page. This is especially common with Disqus where new comments will push older comments down the page until the move onto a second or third page etc. You may have to look back onto older pages to find the comment containing your trigger keyword. It's also possible that between the time the comment was detected and the time you go to view the link that the comment was removed either by the original commenter or the website moderator.

Q. Do you really track every single comment made in the platforms above?

A. For the majority of users using brands, company names and specific URL's as their keywords the answer is yes. However, limitations and search quotas enforced by some of the platforms might mean that if you choose very generic single word keywords that would generate an extremely high volume of alerts, it's possible that not all comments will get included.

Q. Can I track whatever keywords I wish?

A. There is no real restriction on the keywords or URL's you wish to track. However, each keyword slot will only accept a single keyword or phrase. Trying to incorporate extra keywords into a single keyword slot will not work correctly.

Q. My alerts are set to hourly but why do I not always receive them?

A. It's possible if your keywords are very specific that new alerts are not always found within an hour period. If you don't receive your hourly email then it means no alerts were available to send you. You can always check by logging in and looking at your recent alerts or alert history to verify this.

Q. What languages can be used?

A. Although this site is predominantly English, the alerts system will theoretically work in other languages also. However, all testing has been performed in English so we cannot comment on any foreign language results. The Social-O-Meter feature of this site will only work on english language though and therefore comments that are matched for other languages will always be reported as 'Not Rated' by the Social-O-Meter system.

Q. Social-O-Meter has rated a comment incorrectly

A. We constantly improve and adjust Social-O-Meter settings to achieve the best possible result. It's always possible that Social-O-Meter will incorrectly flag a comment now and then for instance where sarcasm might have been used. If you are receiving many incorrectly flagged comments, please forward a sample to us at webmaster@socialerter.com and we will do what we can to incorporate changes in our next update. We are unable to guarantee 100% accuracy due to the nature of human language.

Q. I just got my first alert report and it seems to include old Tweets or comments I have seen in the past

A. The first time you set up a keyword, Socialerter will find the most recent comments made relating to that keyword. If there is very low current activity on a keyword then its normal to see a number of older Tweets or comments. This simply creates a history up to current date to enable Socialerter to correctly monitor new comments or Tweets that occur from that point in time.

Q. I can track my brand but what other ways can I use Socialerter.com?

A. You could also use our service for:-

  • tracking your competitors to see what they are saying and whats being said about them online
  • tracking industry relevant discussions to look for new ideas or niches you could exploit

Q. I want to track more keywords

A. More keywords can be tracked by upgrading your account. Click the Upgrade menu option when logged into your account.

Contact Socialerter.com

If you have any further questions, please email webmaster@socialerter.com