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Socialerter.com was born out of the frustration in the way the web is becoming so fragmented into blogs, social conversations, etc. and the way this makes it very difficult to track everything that is being said across those multiple platforms. But thats not all! If you are a big organisation with different brands, websites or many different products or services, the amount of information coming in from the combination of web and social alerts could be more than you can handle. What if there was a way to sort these alerts in terms of priority?


Social-O-Meter is a feature available to Premium users that can be used in a number of ways. Firstly, it allows you to differentiate at a glance between general comments and those that have a distinctly positive or negative tone. This allows you to quickly filter down to comments that might need a response or further attention. Secondly, you only want to be alerted anytime something negative is said about a product or your brand allowing you to take swift action in responding and resolving situations before they escalate and damage your brand. Social-O-Meter allows you to filter your alerts in that way. Alternatively, you might decide to be alerted to both good and bad comments but ignore more general comments allowing you to react appropriately to any distinctly good or bad comments about your brand.

Finally, I will be updating Twitter regularly with updates and news and if you want to converse with me there you are most welcome!

Be social... but be aware!

Joel Caws
Webmaster of Socialerter.com

*Social-O-Meter is a feature available in our Premium Membership.